Tough to put into words how Sandra and the Inspiring Fitness
training center has helped me change my life. I was at a low point
several times over the years but with the help of Inspiring Fitness
and the dedication of wanting to make a change and the positive
inspiration from all involved this has been an amazing
experience. Thanks just doesn’t seem like enough. Believe in
yourself and amazing things will happen. Keep Hammering.
                      -Mike Kannebur
g (Group Classes/Isagenix)


Feb 3, 2014- This is part of the message I sent to Sandra: “Can you help me? I do not want to be seen exercising! I am so out of shape and embarrassed to even begin.”   
Obviously I was a bit desperate, very scared, so intimidated, and a lot overweight.  I was NEVER athletic, never in a sport, never worked out in my life.

Fast forward to Jan, 2015.  With a lot of help, guidance and inspiration on Sandra’s part, I’m now working out 6 days a week and am down 75 pounds.  I started running this summer (something I joked that I gave when I was 4 years old).  One of my goals was to do the Dirty Girl this summer- and I did it!  Something- I never knew- but am finding out, I like to run and I’m fast!

Sandra passion is to help.  You see that with every person, every day, in every class, and with every personal interaction with she has.  She is knowledgeable and knows
your limits- (even when you do not), yet is constantly encouraging and motivating you
to do your best.  Lots of people can say they care, Sandra truly does.
Joining Inspiring Fitness was one of the most priceless decisions of my life. My body
has shrunk, but my self-confidence has grown.  My daughter says I’m addicted, oh
well- there are worse things to be addicted to.  Seriously, my life has changed this
past year, in so many positive ways- all going back to one email I sent and with the
one decision to try.
                                         -Cheryl Ebersol (Group Classes/Isagenix)


Jessica Schneider CrossFit

I want to share my progress for those of you who may be stuck or don't know where to start because man I was there. You just have to do it. One day at a time. Consistency and hard work pays off. A starting goal (no matter how small) and will power is all you need! This is only 4 months of work. I am down 12lbs and 3 pants sizes. Most importantly, I am healthier and stronger-the weight loss is just a plus in this journey for me!

Want to start your journey!? Inspiring Fitness/CrossFit IF can help!

                            Jessica Schneider ( CrossFit IF)



7 months ago I started this amazing journey and I couldn't be happier!! As embarrassing as those 1st photos are it's great to see the progress of how far I've come!

                  -Cortney Borden (Group Classes/Isagenix)



What a difference a year makes. ..i owe it all to making better choices and Sandra Large at Inspiring Fitness ... She believed in me when i didn't! Original goal : size 14... On to a new goal size 9/10. Loving how much stronger i am.
If anyone wants to become stronger and more fit, i highly recommend I.F.

                                              -Kay Nothem (Group Classes/Isagenix)
















"I was not able to do one sit up when I started my face would be beat red when I was done with a workout. Little by little my clothes got bigger as I got smaller still I did not lose a pound til November. I was getting tired of no weight loss and missed a class or two when you showed up at my work and ask me why I wasn't at workout, I was soooo happy to see you and bring me back to my senses. I have been attending 4-5 classes a week ever since. I can never thank you enough!
In December I added the nutritional cleansing system, to date I have let go of a total of 18lbs."
                                     -Kellie Medinger (Group Classe/Isagenix)


I have always struggled with my weight and self image.   To this day I can still hear the harsh words kids would say behind my back and I can still feel the hurt sometimes that it brought.  I did use these words to motivate me and that’s how I found sports and was able to put everything I had into practicing to try and be the best hoping that I wouldn’t hear the harsh words again.  I continued to try and be active and workout into adulthood but still struggle with my weight and self image.  I would be able to one of my slumps that I remember a trainer that I would see at the gym I was going to and remembered how motivating she always was with her clients and how she would motivate me without her knowing while I was doing my own workouts.  

I was able to find Sandra online and Troy (my husband and I ) started coming to her boot camps and working out with her in her studio in her garage in the summer of 2013.  I feel Troy and I have always had a good relationship but like my exercising our relationship was also in a slump.  I started to feel stronger both physically and emotionally. My relationship with Troy became stronger.  Sandra has helped me become a better version of me.  

The amount of strength and motivation that is found inside Inspiring Fitness is overwhelming.  I can’t wait to get up in the mornings and be able to see what the workout will bring.  Not once in the past two years have I thought about stopping and finding a new gym to go to, which is what I would have done in the past.  I am motivated daily by Sandra and everyone that is a part of Inspiring Fitness.   You will never find this type of motivation, inspiration and enjoyment at another fitness facility.  Believe me I think I've tried most of them.

                                              -Shannon Hartfiel (Group Classes/Isagenix)


Sandra gets fired up when she helps people reach their goals. This is her passion and sh is the best thing that every happened to me! I am always challenged and pushed to do more. This is what I love about Inspiring Fitness. The support of everyone is absolutely amazing! Who would have thought I would do a Spartan Race? It was one of the best days of my life. I feel like I can do anything. Next goal is doing a half marathon. Bring it on!!!

                     -Mary Herman (Group Classes/Isagenix)