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Here at CrossFit IF, our team of coaches are dedicated to helping our athletes accomplish their fitness goals and maximize their health and overall well-being. We believe in the fundamental elements of fitness. Our program uses functional exercise, Olympic Lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, running, plyometrics, and conditioning. The workouts are constantly varied and performed at a high intensity. All of the workouts are scalable to every individual, and our coaches are here to help every athlete succeed. The community here is one of a kind, and every athlete is working towards the common goal being a fitter individual. There is no better time to begin your fitness journey than now!

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000.  Currently it is the fastest growing fitness regimen in the world.   The whole principal behind CrossFit is to have a broad general all inclusive fitness, or to be good at everything.  In order to attain this, the program focuses on the 10 general physical skills, which consist of:
1.      Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
2.      Stamina
3.      Stength
4.      Flexibility
5.      Power
6.      Speed
7.      Coordination
8.      Agility
9.      Balance
10.   Accuracy

By focusing on these skills with the correct program and balance, individuals are able to become fitter.   To be fit by CrossFit’s definition, is to be able to move large loads, long distances, very quickly.  This ultimately improves an individuals quality of life.  The beauty of the CrossFit regimen is that it is universally scaleable for all ages and fitness levels.
In order to maximize performance, athletes must stay committed in and out of the gym.  One of the most overlooked areas of being healthy is eating right.  This does not mean eating less in order to lose weight, it means putting the right ingredients into ones body. 
We truly believe that with the right program and the right nutrition, one can maximize their quality of life and increase their fitness level enormously.
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